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Intern Pharmacists

InstaPharm helps you find a pharmacy to complete your placement hours. Scroll through paid and internship positions here!

Pharmacy Assistants

With the regulation of Pharmacy Assistants, the demand for you is growing! Explore unique opportunities with InstaPharm!

Province-wide networking forums are now available for professionals to connect with professionals! Like and reply to posts. Access is available for free through your profile.

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On-Demand Pharmacy Services

Our Platform provides you with direct access to pharmacies that are in need of your services now! Apply to Relief and Clinical Positions in real-time!

Career Opportunities

Whether you are a student pharmacist, Pharmacy Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant or a pharmacy assistant, browse through full-time and part-time job positions in our Careers Opportunities section. The InstaPharm Platform has made it easier for pharmacy professionals to find rewarding careers. Join now to have access for FREE!

Tools and Resources

The InstaPharm Tools and Resources are picked and developed by practicing pharmacists who understand what is needed to make for a smooth and efficient work experience. We make available to you the latest and most valuable tools to help you advance your career, and stand out from the crowd. Utilize the InstaPharm Professionals Network to engage with colleagues and discuss a wide variety of topics!

Payment Options

Seamlessly link your bank account, generate invoices, and send to pharmacies to receive payments. Use the available financial tools to generate reports and make accounting and filing taxes easy!
InstaPharm values transparency, and we never take a cut from your profits. We guarantee that you get paid for your completed jobs. Let us handle the scheduling and billing, so you can focus on your pharmacy practice!

Welcome to the new age

Our Platform uses technology to help you advance your practice

Professional services are increasingly moving online and it's time to take advantage of this. InstaPharm’s technology allows pharmacies and pharmacy professionals to connect real-time, seamlessly fill positions, and complete transactions securely.

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In our platform you are guaranteed to find practice opportunities that are suitable for you!

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InstaPharm provides the means to contract out your services, and operate as a business. Enjoy the freedom to set your own rates, set your own schedule and work when you want.

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