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Discover the New Way of Creating and Pursuing Pharmacy Practice Opportunities
Gain Access to the Highest-Ranked Professionals.

Recruit Professionals for Relief and Clinical Positions for Free

Our Platform provides you with direct access to great pharmacists and resources to help grow your practice! The best part is, it’s free! Pharmacists all over Canada use InstaPharm as their source to practice opportunities. Join the growing number of pharmacies that are taking advantage of InstaPharm’s roster of on-call pharmacists and resources.

Pharmacist Management Tools

We provide a full-service billing platform to track pharmacists and their wages. You have the ability to rapidly receive electronic invoices and make payments on the spot. We take nothing out-of-pocket.

InstaPharm Marketing Opportunities

Build your brand by Registering your Pharmacy! ALL members are advertised on InstaPharm’s public search engine for Pharmacy Services. Our goal is to drive traffic to Pharmacies and heighten public awareness. The most active Premium Pharmacies instantly appear at the top of the search home page, getting in front of numerous site users and visitors.

Payment Flexibility

You choose your own rates and the method of payment. InstaPharm provides an efficient means to facilitate payment, but feel free to choose the payment option that is best for you!

Our platform uses technology to grow your practice

Professional services are increasingly moving online and it's time to take advantage of this. InstaPharm’s technology allows pharmacies and pharmacy professionals to quickly connect, seamlessly fill positions, and securely transact business. In addition, our technology will provide the public with an online search engine to seek services that your pharmacy provides. Thus, we drive more traffic to your facility!

How are pharmacies receiving pharmacy professionals for free?

You post a relief or clinical position→ pharmacists view and apply to the position→ You are assigned a pharmacist based on the technical criteria(software, methadone etc..)

How are Premium Pharmacies receiving pharmacy professionals?

You post a relief, clinical, or career position→ pharmacists view and apply to the position→ You CHOOSE the best pharmacist for your pharmacy based on experience, certifications, ratings and more!

Join us on the mission to unite the pharmacy profession and move towards independence!

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